The POLIS Project is playing a lead role in organizing Watersheds 2014: Towards Watershed Governance in British Columbia & Beyond, a forum running January 27-29, 2014 in Duncan, BC. Although the event, which focuses on skills development and capacity building for watershed groups, First Nations, and community watershed champions, is fully booked, POLIS recently announced a number of regional satellite events running alongside the main forum.

Fraser River. Credit: Jonathan Rodgers.

Fraser Basin Council Satellite Events:
The Fraser Basin Council will be live-streaming Watersheds 2014 and will lead discussion about watershed governance and stewardship in the region. Live-streaming will take place in Vancouver, at SFU Harbour Centre; Chilliwack, at the University of Fraser Valley; and Quesnel, at the Nature Education and Resource Centre, West Fraser Timber Park.

Salt Spring Island Satellite Event:
The forum will be live-streamed, and will be accompanied by a local roundtable event, at CRD Parc Portable, from 8:30am to 2:30 pm.

Royal Road University Satellite Event:
RRU’s School of Environment and Sustainability will live-stream Watersheds 2014’s keynote speeches and panel discussions, and will host a roundtable discussion.

Canadian Water Network (Waterloo, Ontario) Satellite Event:
The Canadian Water Network will host a three hour broadcast of the B.C. event at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo. The event will also feature a one hour discussion hosted by Dr. Rob de Loe and Thomas Dyck.

University of Northern British Columbia Satellite Event:
Information is still to come on the UNBC event.

For more information on all events, please click here.

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