Seair Inc. has sold its first Seair 20-foot portable wastewater treatment unit to SunTerra Oil & Gas LP. This transaction is not only the first sale of a Seair portable wastewater treatment unit, but is also the first deployment of a portable wastewater treatment unit outside of Canada.

Until now Seair has limited its portable wastewater treatment business model to rental of units owned and operated by the company. Potential customers with long-term needs and/or operating outside of the western Canadian service area have expressed interest in owning the company’s ozone-based wastewater treatment units, and this initial sale marks the expansion of the business model to include outright sales of treatment units.

The self-contained and automated portable wastewater treatment plants use an ozone-based treatment process that requires no consumables, with no residual solids or sludge after treatment. Seair owns and operates a fleet of approximately 100 portable wastewater treatment units in western Canada.


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