The Royal Society of Canada has declared Arctic sustainability and the role of digital technologies in society to be two of the most pressing issues of our time, in time for G7 political summit.

Each year since 2005, the National Academies of the G7 countries have delivered joint statements in time for the summit, articulating the best available knowledge on key matters of global concern. This year, Canada is president of the G7 and will therefore host its members and share insights and evidence about urgent global issues.

The two statements (1) The Global Arctic: the sustainability of northern communities in the context of changing ocean systems; and (2) Our digital future and its impact on knowledge, industry and the workforce stress the critical need to support and enhance basic Arctic research endeavours and cooperation; and for democratic governance of access to data, education, and communication tools for citizens around the world.

The Royal Society acknowledges that the global Arctic is being profoundly transformed by climate change, with implications on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, affecting those who live on and from them.

At the same time, the promises and challenges of the digital revolution continue to expand and change, making the precise character of our digital future profoundly uncertain.

“These joint statements build on the tradition of the G7 science academies working closely together to prepare statements for the Leaders Summit,” said Chad Gaffield, President of the Royal Society of Canada.

The statements have inspired a year-long series of G7 Research Summits throughout 2018.

The Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada was established under an Act of Parliament in 1883 as Canada’s National Academy, the senior collegium of distinguished scholars, artists and scientists in the country. The primary objective of the Society is to promote learning and research in the arts, the humanities and the natural and social sciences.

The G7 Academies’ statements on the Global Arctic and Our Digital Future can be found here.



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