The new Research Junction collaboration between the City of Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan has received funding for research projects that will examine urban issues.

One of these projects will measure pharmaceuticals in Saskatoon’s wastewater. Researchers, including Markus Brinkmann, from the University of Saskatchewan’s Toxicology Centre and the College of Engineering will work on this project with Mike Sadowski, the operations manager of the City of Saskatoon’s wastewater treatment plant.

They will undertake comprehensive measurements of pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, pain killers, beta-blockers, and hormone-like substances in the wastewater treatment plant and downstream in the South Saskatchewan River. The researchers will also work to better understand and stay current with technology and new solutions to treat wastewater.

“It is incredible to see City employees and university researchers come together to solve problems and address such a wide variety of issues facing Saskatoon,” said Mayor Charlie Clark. “This helps us move forward as a community and shows how we can lead the country through collaboration to create the best results for our community and residents. As we work together on these projects, we can create real benefits and build a healthy, strong and sustainable future.”

The grants provide researchers with access to the City’s resources, data, and expertise. They will also provide City staff with access to analyses and data resulting from the projects to inform decision-making.

In addition to this, projects funded through the initiative also create hands-on learning and research opportunities for University of Saskatchewan students and post-doctoral fellows.

“Through the power of research, these collaborative projects will address some tough challenges in our community,” said University of Saskatchewan President Peter Stoicheff. “It is exciting to see from this list of approved projects the first concrete ways in which this strategic partnership will help build a better Saskatoon.”

More information about the Research Junction is available here.


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