Regina to Invest $50M in Water Projects for 2018 Construction Season

By Todd Westcott 10:39AM May 14, 2018



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The City of Regina has announced the commencement of its 2018 summer construction season. Through the construction season, the city will invest $85.3 million in transportation and water projects.

In particular, water, wastewater, and drainage projects will receive $50 million in funding, with the remainder being dedicated to residential roads, expressways, and bridges.

“We strive to balance our resources, budget and resident priorities with our corporate needs. The City reviews numerous projects to determine our schedule for the season and which projects can be integrated,” said Karen Gasmo, executive director, Transportation & Utilities.

Significant investment in the City’s water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure will also take place this year, including:

  • Relining approximately 24 kilometres of wastewater pipe over two years
  • Relining approximately 6 kilometres of small diameter watermains
  • Replacing approximately 1.7 kilometres of small diameter watermains in residential neighbourhoods as part of a coordinated effort to renew roadway and water infrastructure concurrently
  • Replacing of large diameter cast iron water mains and inspect other critical large diameter watermains
  • Completing the installation of large drainage pipes to increase drainage system capacity along 5th Avenue North and final phase of the Arcola Avenue detention project

“This planned, coordinated approach allows our work to be more efficient and minimize disruptions for property owners,” said Gasmo. “Some projects involve several pieces of work and through this coordination, we can plan the underground work, roads, sidewalk and other projects to prevent having to return and dig up new infrastructure.”

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