Vancouver-based Quest Water Global Inc. and Pure Water Solutions Corp. have announced a joint venture to market and distribute Quest’s AQUAtap Community Drinking Water Station and WEPS Water Extraction and Purification System in the Caribbean and Central America.


“We are looking forward to introducing our water purification technologies to another part of the world where the demand for clean drinking water far outweighs supply, and where local communities can see and taste the immediate benefit,” said Quest Water Global CEO and president, John Balanko. “By partnering with Pure Water Solutions we intend to accelerate the marketing of our AQUAtap installations through the Caribbean and Central American countries.”

Under the joint venture distribution and marketing agreement, Quest will deliver the technology, while Pure Water Solutions will market the systems. They have an established network in the region.

“This is an exciting opportunity to partner with a tested water technology company that has the ability to deliver extremely powerful water purification systems,” said CEO of Pure Water Solutions, Stephen Boti. “The Caribbean and Central America have the ideal conditions to take advantage of Quest Water’s solar-powered AQUAtap system.”

The AQUAtap system is a solar-powered water purification and filtration technology.


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