Yesterday’s Canadian Water Summit couldn’t have fallen on a better day. The Council of the Federation (COF), comprised of Canada’s premiers, concurrently announced that it has established a Water Stewardship Council (WSC).

Comprised of one senior government official from each Canadian province and territory, the WSC will provide information and strategic advice to premiers on key trends, issues, and opportunities related to Canada’s water resources.

“The creation of the Water Stewardship Council is a significant action in advancing water conservation and quality,” said Greg Selinger, premier of Manitoba and COF chair. “We need to work together to improve water stewardship in Canada.”

The WSC will promote, coordinate and facilitate implementation of the commitments of the COF Water Charter. The Charter, approved by premiers in August 2010, recognizes the collective obligation of Canadians and their governments to promote water conservation and protect water quality.

The Water Partner Advisory Committee (WPAC) has also been formed, with representation from across Canada and across various sectors, including Canadian Water Summit organizer Anthony Watanabe. The WPAC will provide advice to the WSC as well as a linkage to non-governmental led water activity.

Council of the Federation Water Stewardship Council

Cairine MacDonald (Chair), Deputy Minister, British Columbia Ministry of Environment
David Akeeagok, Deputy Minister, Nunavut Environment
Gail Beggs, Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Environment
Gary Bohnet, Deputy Minister, Northwest Territories Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Wayne Dybvig, Acting President, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority
Jim Ellis, Deputy Minister, Alberta Environment
Perry Haines, Acting Deputy Minister, New Brunswick Department of Environment
Diane Jean, Deputy Minister, Québec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks
John MacQuarrie, Deputy Minister, Prince Edward Island Environment, Energy and Forestry
Don Norquay, Deputy Minister, Manitoba Water Stewardship
Bill Parrott, Deputy Minister, Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Environment and Conservation
Angus Robertson, Deputy Minister, Yukon Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
Sara Jane Snook, Deputy Minister, Nova Scotia Department of Environment

Water Partner Advisory Committee

Oliver M. Brandes, Co-Director, University of Victoria POLIS Project on Ecological Governance
Bernadette Conant, Executive Director, Canadian Water Network
Allen Curry, Director, Canadian Rivers Institute
Robert France, Watershed Management Chair, Nova Scotia Agricultural College
Wayne Galliher, Project Manager, City of Guelph Water Conservation Program
David Lobb, Senior Research Chair, Watershed Systems Research Program, University of Manitoba
Johann Manente, Co-Chair, Canadian Municipal Water Efficiency Committee
Merrell-Ann S. Phare, Executive Director & Legal Counsel, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources
Luc Vescovi, Director of Operations, Réseau Environnement
Anthony Watanabe, President & CEO, Innovolve Group
Howard Wheater, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Water Security, University of Saskatchewan


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