Premier Tech Water and Environment has developed a process and unique tools to extract sludge accumulation in on-site aerated systems with fixed culture. Thanks to its innovative features, this efficient, fast and cost-effective solution is patent pending with the relevant authorities.

On-site sanitation systems treat wastewater (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) from houses without a connection to the community sewage system. Some of these systems have integrated automated extraction devices to avoid gradual sludge accumulation at the bottom of the reactor, then through the media and finally up to the surface.

This extraction process aims to prevent polluting emissions resulting from the accumulation of sludge. It also protects from an early replacement of the subsurface infiltration bed. Thus, we avoid damage to the landscaping, increase the lifespan of the system components and reduce the homeowners’ bill significantly. A service offer based on this process will be launched on the global market and Quebec users will be the first to benefit from it, as its development was initiated through a network of local partners.

“As part of the development and validation phases, many clients have already been able to enjoy this new service and restore their system’s operating conditions. Consequently, they have made savings on the lifespan of their system. We have received great feedback!” says Nicolas Robitaille, senior director products and services development at Premier Tech Water and Environment.

Premier Tech anticipates the key trends of its industry 

The launch of this process and unique tools is the result of sustained investments in innovation as well as the commitment and passion of experts. Premier Tech Water and Environment is strongly forward-looking and maintains its position as a global leader in sanitation systems thanks to the ongoing development of more efficient, intelligent and eco-friendly technologies and solutions.


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