Joint funding from the governments of Canada and Ontario will allow the City of Peterborough to move forward with its Bethune Street Sanitary Sewer and Jackson Creek Diversion Project.

“A large new sewer under Bethune Street will divert huge amounts of storm water around Peterborough’s downtown, reducing the burden on the aging infrastructure under this historic district and protecting homes and businesses from the scale of flooding that they have experienced in the past,” explained Peterborough Mayor Daryl Bennett. “While this construction is happening, the city will take the opportunity to upgrade the streetscape on Bethune Street and expand the sanitary sewer capacity.”

The project will be delivered in three components: the installation of the storm sewer to divert high flows in Jackson Creek; the reconstruction of Bethune Street; and an increase of sanitary sewer capacity to support growth in the city’s north end.

Both the federal and provincial governments will contribute $7.97 million to the project. Peterborough will be responsible for all remaining costs.

“This important infrastructure investment will support growth in the City of Peterborough’s north end and reduce the risk of flooding in the downtown core,” said MPP for Peterborough Jeff Leal. “It demonstrates our government’s commitment to keeping our communities strong, creating jobs, and making sure that people get the basic services they pay for now and in the future.”


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