The Town has been applying for several grants to assist with various areas of need. Today, the province awarded the Town with $1.66M to assist with flood and erosion proofing of some of our critical water well infrastructure. This funding will be used to address two wells that were previously impacted in both the 2017 and 2018 floods. Specifically, we will be able to flood protect the electrical systems, provide building upgrades to resist wave action, and install enhanced shoreline protection.

See also York Region’s Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Strategy addresses climate change-related weather events. 

“Water is our most important commodity and being able to protect it provides our community with sustainability during these ever-increasing frequency in floods” states Jared Brounstein, Director of Operational Services for the Town.

Mayor McKortoff was thrilled to hear the news, “It is not a matter of “if” we are going to experience another flood, it is “when”. This funding will help to ensure that our wells are protected during high water events.”

“I am very grateful to our MLA Roly Russell and specifically Bowinn Ma, Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness for having the foresight to invest in our community’s disaster risk reduction strategy.”


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