The Government of Ontario announced on August 28 its approval of the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection plan, which will bolster protection of local drinking water sources. The plan will take effect at the beginning of 2015.

The plan was developed by local municipal and community partners on the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Committee.

“The Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Plan is the culmination of many years of work by the Source Protection Committee, municipalities, and a great deal of valuable input from provincial ministries, interest groups, local residents, and the broader public,” said Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Committee Chair Janet Stavinga. “The result is a plan that balances economic and practical considerations with strong policies that will afford a high level of protection for this very important natural resource—our shared drinking water sources.”

The plan includes establishing maintenance and inspection programs for septic systems to meet Building Code requirements; creating risk management plans for pesticide, fuel, and manure use; creating risk management plans for existing waste sites and stormwater facilities; and producing and placing road signs identifying wellhead protection areas and intake protection zones.


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