With funding from the Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science, the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) is offering subsidies to a limited number of Ontario companies undertaking a technology development project for a technology related to biosolids reduction, resource recovery, or energy generation.

Two Ontario companies will be offered the subsidized use of a test bay in the SOWC London or Guelph wastewater pilot facilities for up to six months, starting on or before January 30, 2017 until June 30th.  Interested companies must submit an Expression of Interest by December 6, 2016.

“Traditional methods to dispose of biosolids, such as landfilling, are becoming less feasible and in many cases no longer environmentally acceptable. Advanced technologies are helping utilities maximize value created from biosolids, transforming a waste by-product disposal problem to a revenue generating opportunity,” said Rahim Kanji, manager of industry partnerships for the Southern Ontario Water Consortium.

“With these advanced technologies, we’re able to minimize the volume of sludge being generated, recover valuable resources, and generate energy. This provides benefits to municipalities, agriculture and in the fight against climate change.,” he said.

Additionally, two Ontario companies that are undertaking an Advancing Water Technologies-funded project may receive support of up to $20,000 for costs that would not be eligible expenses under AWT that are required to set up the project.  For example, the cost to build or ship a pilot unit to the site of the AWT project.  Up to 2 companies will be chosen based on eligibility for AWT, and fit with the focus area, with input from an SOWC advisory committee. Interested companies must submit an Expression of Interest along with an AWT Intake form by December 15, 2016. If you have already submitted an AWT Intake form, you may simply submit the EOI and reference that Intake form.

Any Ontario company with a relevant technology in this focus area (biosolids reduction or the production of energy from wastewater) is eligible.  All funding awarded in Stream 1 and Stream 2 must be expended by June 30, 2017.  Decisions are discretionary and subject to change. The AWT Program eligibility criteria and requirements will apply; please refer to the AWT Program Guidelines and the Addendum for large projects (if applicable).

Kanji added that, “Ontario has all the ingredients to be a technology leader in this very important area, and we hope that these subsidy initiatives, along with our Advancing Water Technologies funding program, act as a catalyst to accelerate technology development and innovation in Ontario to solve the complex challenges associated with maximizing the value from biosolids and to showcase industry and academic leadership in the field.”

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact: Rahim Kanji, Manager, at [email protected] or 226-808-2714.



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