Dartmouth, N.S.-based engineering company the Terrain Group and its partners in the Cookville Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Plant were honoured this week with the 2008 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Engineering.
“The team that completed this project has set a new standard for wastewater treatment in Atlantic Canada,” said Stephen Wallace, president of Terrain Group. “I’m proud of the fact that cleaned water discharged from the Cookville plant is generally as clean as the river itself.”
The company said the plant uses innovative Canadian technology that cleans water by drawing it through a membrane filled with microscopic pores. The tiny holes are just big enough to let water molecules pass through, but small enough to exclude suspended solids and bacteria.
Terrain Group is also using the technology to provide wastewater treatment for a resort community under construction outside Louisbourg, Cape Breton.


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