Noblegen Adds to its Board of Directors

By Water Canada 12:19PM October 06, 2017



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Ontario-based Noblegen Inc. has announced the election of David Abramson and Robert Gillison as directors of the board, effective immediately.

The election comes after the opening of the company’s series B round of financing, where the new directors will be instrumental in guiding the executive team to implement the company’s aggressive growth strategy.

Abramson and Gillison were instrumental in leading Martek Biosciences Corporation to become one of the most successful algae-based biotechnology companies in history with annual sales surpassing US$470 million. Martek sold for US$1.1 billion in 2011 to Royal DSM N.V.In welcoming new directors Abramson and Gillison, CEO Adam Noble said, “Our new board members bring decades of industry experience and expertise to Noblegen. These appointments add significant value to an already strong group of existing directors and leadership team. We are very fortunate to have access to their knowledge and networks.”Abramson and Gillison are two of the founding members of SDA Ventures LLC – a consulting firm that advises emerging, middle-market and multinational companies; in the health and wellness, nutritional products, food ingredients and food service industries. SDA focuses on matters relating to business development, corporate acquisition, customer engagement, growth strategies and corporate finance.

David Abramson is currently a principal at SDA Ventures LLC. From 2003-2011-he worked at Martek, serving as President of Martek Biosciences Corporation beginning in 2006. During Abramson’s tenure, market penetration grew to 99.5 per cent in its core U.S. infant formula business. Prior to joining Martek, Abramson was the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for U.S. Foodservice from 1996 to 2003. During his tenure with U.S. Foodservice, he directed acquisitions which increased the company’s business more than 500 per cent and contributed to the sale of U.S. Foodservice for a price in excess of $4.0 billion.

Robert Gillison is currently a Managing Director of SDA Ventures LLC. He brings a substantial experience from the food and beverage industry after having served as the Vice President of Corporate Development for Martek Biosciences Corporation for six years. Gillison played a key role in transitioning Martek’s business from an R & D company to a fully integrated, profitable, commercial organization with over $470 million in annual sales. Prior to joining Martek, Gillison was the Senior Vice President and Treasurer for U.S. Foodservice (1997-2006). In addition; Gillison was a senior vice president in corporate banking for Bank of America (1986-1997).

The appointment of Abramson and Gillison expands the board of Noblegen to six directors. Abramson and Gillison will join Gwyn Morgan (Alberta Energy Company, Encana Corporation, HSBC Bank Canada and SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.), John Desbiens (Cambium Inc.), and Kate Ramsay (James Richardsons & Sons, Limited) and Adam Noble as members of Noblegen’s board.Noblegen is an advanced ingredients company that produces unique proteins and oils for the healthy living industry. Noblegen’s proprietary technology creates high-quality ingredients from one of oldest microorganisms. Noblegen’s ingredients are sustainable, non-GMO, cost-effective, and easily customized. Noblegen’s minimally processed ingredients offer clean-label marketing opportunities for clients.

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