Newfoundland and Labrador has once again announced investments into local water and sewer infrastructure, this time for the amount of $580,000 to the Town of New-Wes-Valley to complete work on the local water distribution system.

Photo: Jonathan Nightingale

“This funding will alleviate the problems that the town has been having with its water and sewer system,” said Minister of Municipal Affairs Kevin O’Brien. “It’s important that with this $580,000 investment, we address this key priority area and ensure that the people of New-Wes-Valley have a reliable system for years to come.”

The upgrades will address ongoing issues that the town is facing as a result of the aging private sewer system currently in use. The cost of the upgrades will be split between the provincial and municipal levels of government, with the Province covering 90 per cent, and the town contributing the remainder.


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