The Government of Alberta has made adjustments to policies on land titles and minimum flood mitigation measures that were implemented in the wake of the June flooding. The changes come in response to input from citizens.

“Since we introduced our flood mitigation program to protect homeowners from future floods a few weeks ago, some common questions have been raised,” said Associate Minister of Regional Recovery and Reconstruction Rick Fraser. “We’ve head Albertans loud and clear and have taken their feedback to adjust the policy.”

One adjustment will be a lack of “location notice” on land titles to identify properties within a floodway or flood fringe. Instead, the Alberta government will collaborate with the real estate industry to investigate alternative ways consumers can find flood-related information.

The Disaster Recovery Program notice, which identifies all properties where future flood-related eligibility is at stake, will go ahead as expected. For property owners in the flood fringe, the notice can be removed once minimum mitigation requirements have been made. For properties in the floodway, the notices will inform prospective owners that no additional funding will be available in the case of future floods.


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