The 2015 Canadian Municipal Water Priorities report released on June 24 will lead the national discussion on what municipalities need, want, and can address in order to collectively move forward as sustainable water communities. Issued by Canadian Water Network’s (CWN) Canadian Municipal Water Consortium, the report builds off the previous year’s material that set the stage for national water priorities.

The new report delves deeper into water management solutions and how the Canadian Municipal Water Consortium is going to move forward in these four areas:

  • Integrated Risk Management — Assessing frameworks to support Integrated Risk Management, including the full breadth of drivers affecting municipal water.
  • Full Cost Recovery and Financing — Assessing the state of knowledge and practice for full-cost recovery and financing for water systems.
  • Wastewater Resource Recovery and Beneficial Use of Biosolids — Identifying the possibilities and implications of wastewater resource recovery and beneficial use of biosolids.
  • Resiliency to Storms and Extreme Weather — Determining what is practical and achievable in making municipal water systems more resilient to storms and extreme weather.

“Canada has the potential to be a global leader in water management, and that includes drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and urban watersheds,” said Bernadette Conant, executive director of CWN. “The 2015 Canadian Municipal Water Priorities report highlights advancements in municipal water management in Canada, and provides insights into the most effective paths forward. Our hope is that the consortium will help water managers be better equipped to anticipate, respond, and adapt to emerging challenges and trends, and ultimately make better-informed decisions on priorities and investments.”

The Canadian Municipal Water Consortium, launched in 2009, has worked closely with municipalities, industry, government, and research teams to drive progress on municipal water management challenges.

Since 2001, CWN has brought together more than 180 partners, including industry, government, municipalities, and non-governmental organizations on projects. Among the 140 projects that CWN has funded, over half have resulted in direct value to municipalities.


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