New Funding for Water, Wastewater, Stormwater in Vaughan, Ont.

By Water Canada 11:16AM July 28, 2017



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Today, Canada and Ontario have announced funding for forty new water, wastewater, and stormwater projects in seventeen communities.

Deborah Schulte, Member of Parliament for King—Vaughan, Steven Del Duca, Ontario Minister of Transportation and Member of Provincial Parliament for Vaughan, and Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of the City of Vaughan, have announced that six projects in Vaughan will receive funding under the Government of Canada’s Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF). This is in addition to 28 other projects in Vaughan that were previously approved under the CWWF.

“As a growing city, we welcome this important infrastructure investment. Operating and maintaining our water system is one of the most essential services the City of Vaughan delivers,” said Mayor Bevilacqua.

This $1.1-million investment will improve water, wastewater, and stormwater management for the citizens of Vaughan. Projects like the repair and rehabilitation of wastewater lift stations and water pump stations and the rehabilitation of four stormwater ponds, including McNaughton Pond, will improve the functionality of the stormwater management system and improve water quality in the surrounding environments.


 Left to right: Marilyn Iafrate, Vaughan City Councillor; Bevilacqua; Del Duca; Schulte; Francesco Sorbara, Minister of Parliament; and Sunder Singh, Vaughan City Councillor.

“We understand that effective wastewater collection and stormwater management are key factors in preserving a healthy water supply. I would like to express my gratitude to our government partners for supporting our community,” said Mayor Bevilacqua. “This funding will allow us to continue to plan for the future while protecting the environment, property, and the quality of our water.”

For the six projects announced today, the federal government is funding up to 50 per cent of project costs—$770,133. The provincial government is providing up to 25 per cent—$385,067, and the City of Vaughan will cover any remaining costs.

In addition to these projects, more than $9.5 million in federal funding for 34 water and wastewater projects will benefit 16 other communities. This investment is part of an agreement between Canada and Ontario for the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. Ontario is providing $4,763,707 for these 34 projects.

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