Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS) has announced a new, USEPA compliant method for presence/absence determination of Total Coliforms and E. coli in water – EZ Coliform Cult – MUG Test.  Each test consists of a sterilized, ready-to-use 120mL bottle containing a premeasured amount of growth media. To run the test simply add the water sample, cap the bottle and then incubate at 35°C for 24 hours (or 25°C for 48 hours).

The test works by detecting an enzyme produced by coliform bacteria and a specific enzyme produced by E. coli.  If coliforms are present, the liquid sample will change from yellow to blue-green in color.  If E. coli is present, the sample will glow a bright blue, fluorescent color when illuminated with a UV light (365nm).  Alternatively, the presence of E. coli can be confirmed with the addition of Kovac’s reagent, which produces a red ring as a biochemical confirmation.



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