A new app provides New Brunswickers with access to flood forecast data for the St. John River basin on their mobile devices.

The River Watch Mobile app was launched by volunteers at Civic Tech Fredericton, a non-profit group that works to facilitate knowledge sharing and works collaboratively to build digital tools. The group used data made available from the province through GeoNB.

“This app is an excellent example of how access to open data helps foster innovation and encourages New Brunswickers to be involved in finding solutions to challenges,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Serge Rousselle.

The provincial government has been publishing flood forecast data for the Saint John River Basin since the 1970s. Over the past six years this data has been accessible online, but it was not compatible with mobile devices.

“The River Watch program provides valuable information to residents living along the St. John River Basin,” said Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry. “Since the best way for residents to be well prepared is to be well informed, we welcome the new application that will certainly become an important tool for New Brunswickers.”

From left to right: Greg MacCallum, New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization; Sandi MacKinnon, executive director of Greater Fredericton Social Innovation; Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry; Chrystine Harvie and Bernie Connors of Civic Tech Fredericton. Credit: Government of New Brunswick.

“The Civic Tech volunteer team worked hard to get this application completed in time for flood season,” said organizer Sandi MacKinnon. “We are all pretty proud of the release of our first project in such a short timeframe.”

The app displays flood forecast data for 19 locations indicating:

  • the most recent water level measurement;
  • the 24-hour water level forecast; and
  • the 48-hour water level forecast.

Service New Brunswick will be hosting the River Watch Mobile app on the GeoNB servers. The app can be found at http://geonb.snb.ca/rwm. Additional information on flooding and flood preparedness can be found on the government’s River Watch website.

Civic Tech Fredericton links individuals, organizations, government and the tech community. The volunteers, including from the IT sector and non-profit community, work to develop technical solutions to social issues.

Hero Image Credit: WWF-Canada.


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