The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) has commissioned a study about resiliency in water utilities. CWWA have asked Dalhousie University to conduct an online questionnaire survey about attitudes and perceptions about risk resilience and security at water utilities.

This questionnaire is being conducted at all water utilities across Canada and can lead to improvements in resiliency. The CWWA team would greatly appreciated input from water experts across the country and have kindly requested that experts take 10 minutes out of their work day to complete the questionnaire.

The survey does not ask the respondents name and the researchers at Dalhousie University will treat the information confidentially; the completed questionnaires will not be seen by anyone but researchers at Dalhousie University, and it will not be possible to identify respondents, or anyone else from the responses in feedback reports generated from the responses collected.

In order for the results of the study to be meaningful, it is important that as many people as possible in all types of jobs (Admin, IT, Operations, Security Guards, Technical Support) complete the questionnaire.

CWWA and Dalhousie University have also requested assistance in making the questionnaire a success. In order to do so, they ask that professionals in water utilities share it widely. You can do so by distributing the survey link (below) to as many people as possible in your water utility and encourage them to take part.

CWWA and Dalhousie University ask that the questionnaire be completed by Friday, June 2.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Haller [email protected] or Prof. Kevin Quigley at Dalhousie University. Tel:(902) 494-3782 or [email protected].


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