London, Ontario, will make a major investment in stormwater and wastewater infrastructure to help basements stay dry and reduce the amount of effluent entering the Thames River.

The Government of Canada announced more than $18 million and the Government of Ontario announced more than $9 million for investment in London through the Clean Water Wastewater Fund (CWWF), which will be matched by a contribution of more than $9 million from the city. The fund is designed to meet immediate priorities for clean water and wastewater to support a cleaner and healthier environment.

“Homeowners impacted by flooded basements know all too well how important it is for governments to invest in sewer infrastructure. I’ve heard from homeowners who have been dealing with these issues for many years, and I’m happy the Federal Government is investing in repairing infrastructure so that basements can keep dry and our river stays lean,” said Kate Young M.P., London West.

The combined $36 million investment will be used in projects to:

  • Increase the capacity of sewer systems, which will help to prevent basement flooding and overflow discharges into the Thames River;
  • Study and improve storm retention ponds and waterways in London to improve stormwater flow and reduce flooding and erosion;
  • Separate sewer lines so less stormwater makes it to the treatment plants;
  • Upgrade the main process air blowers at the Greenway and Pottersberg treatment plants to reduce energy consumption and costs; and
  • The acquisition of a waste heat recovery system at Greenway which will generate electricity that will be used to power the plant and reduce electricity costs projected to be an annual savings of $650,000 or more.

“This funding will help us address something we’re all concerned about—sewage discharge into our river. It will also help prevent heartbreaking and frustrating basement flooding for many Londoners,” said Mayor Matt Brown. “This is another step towards making London one of the greenest cities in Canada.”


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