On December 4, Mississauga City Council heard recommendations for a new stormwater user rate to improve funding for flood and water quality protection. An approved funding method would come into effect in January 2016 and the charge would appear similar to the wastewater user rate.

Mississauga. Credit: Haljackey

“We have to change how we fund our stormwater service and infrastructure,” said Mayor Hazel McCallion. “We have invested in stormwater for many years, but we need to consider new ways to fund the required infrastructure. With our changing weather we have seen firsthand the need for an expanded, sound stormwater system. We believe we found a fair and long-term way to fund this critical service.”

The city’s stormwater management program currently holds a variety of responsibilities including: storm sewers, curbside drains, stormwater management ponds, bridges and culverts, stream rehabilitation, flood mitigation works, maintenance and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, environmental compliance, emergency response and clean up, street sweeping, and by-law enforcement.

“Most of the City’s stormwater infrastructure is hidden underground,” said Martin Powell, the commissioner of transportation and works. “It operates daily as a citywide network to prevent flooding, keep our roads safe, and protect water quality. A user rate to pay for maintenance, daily operations, and improvements will give the long-term funding needed now and in the future.”


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