The goal of Downstream is to immerse early career professionals in the industry to expand their personal networks and open them up to all the potential career paths within the water sector, in turn creating a thriving industry and beginning to close that ever-scary skills gap.

To make Downstream as meaningful as possible for the students, the editorial team at Water Canada initiated many conversations with both our partners in academia and with the students themselves, to figure out which experts would be most beneficial. What we learned from those meetings is that while early career professionals know a lot about certain channels of the water industry, there are other areas in which they are not as knowledgeable. 

We began our search for experts that would represent a variety of streams in the Canadian water sector. What we came up with was a group of experts that specialize in the following areas: Indigenous collaboration, emerging contaminants, career networking, cleantech, source water protection, opportunities in the north, and wetlands.

Meet the experts



Collaborating with Indigenous Communities

Yogendra Chaudhry, ECO Canada




Emerging Contaminants

Robert Haller, Canadian Water and Wastewater Association




Making Meaning Connections

Farokh Laqa Kakar, Young Water Professionals




The Role of Cleantech

David Unrau, The Town of Petawawa




Protecting Source Water

Jon Radtke, Coca Cola




Opportunities in the North

Anna Naylor, Students on Ice




Reasons to Love Canadian Wetlands

Mark Gloutney, Ducks Unlimited Canada


More on how Downstream works.


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