The Region of Durham, Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA), and Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group (MESUG) came together on September 19 to host a media event stressing the fact that “Toilets are not garbage cans.” The event, which took place in Pickering, Ontario, focused on the issue of ‘flushable’ wipes and other products which are costing municipalities millions of dollars as they find their way into municipal wastewater systems.

“Toilets are not garbage cans,” MESUG member Barry Orr told the CBC. “This material should be going into the garbage can. It makes a big difference on our wastewater system, on our tax dollars, and on our environment too.”

To help combat the problem, the Standards Council of Canada recently supported the country’s participation in an initiative through the International Organization for Standards to prepare a Technical Specification outlining the performance characteristics for products labelled as ‘flushable.’ Mr. Orr will lead the testing protocol group, which includes representatives from Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Netherlands.

“This issue will impact our future generations financially and environmentally if we do not make changes to treating our toilet like a garbage can,” said Orr in a release.


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