Mississauga, ON – Maple Reinders today announced that the Maple-Bird Joint-Venture (MBJV), a collaborative entity of which Maple Reinders is a managing partner, has been awarded the City of Barrie’s ‘FIN2020-199P – Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Team – for Wastewater Treatment Facility (WwTF) Upgrade Program’, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive wastewater IPD project to date.

Use of the IPD delivery model is growing in popularity in the Canadian infrastructure sector and is particularly well-suited for projects where a high degree of trust and transparency is required between the Owner and project partners, and where multiple projects need to happen simultaneously.

The City of Barrie’s WwTF Upgrade Program will take approximately 8 years to complete and includes Advanced Nutrient Removal Solution for the existing plant, plans for the expansion of the facility to 96 Megalitres per day, Digester Capacity Expansion, Peak Flow Attenuation Facility, a new Hydro Substation and other critical features.

“Maple Reinders is pleased to continue its legacy of flexibility in project delivery, and open and transparent, ‘partner-based’ approach to project realization. We have extensive experience with this asset type and this partner and are confident that this project will achieve the targets set for by the City of Barrie” said Maple Reinders’ Vice-President of Major Projects, Reuben Scholtens. “We are excited to collaborate with the City and our partners in order to bring this world-class facility upgrade to the City of Barrie on time and on budget”.


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