Two years after the release of the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board’s final report containing 135 recommendations for action, the board has evaluated the progress made by the Government of Manitoba in implementing the recommendations, Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick said today, as she released the board’s progress report.

“The board has recognized the tremendous challenge associated with implementing these 135 recommendations and has acknowledged the work of the province in making progress towards reducing nutrient loading,” said Melnick.

The progress report said the province has demonstrated good progress on the majority of the 135 recommendations including:

  • Recognizing the priority on reducing nutrients from waste-water effluents;
  • Passing first-in-Canada legislation to virtually eliminate the phosphorus content in household automatic dishwasher detergent and to eliminate the application of fertilizers in buffer zones along waterways;
  • Providing ongoing investment to research in and around Lake Winnipeg including support for the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium and the research ship Namao;
  • Launching a public education campaign in conjunction with the south basin reeves and mayors promoting lake-friendly products that minimize impact to Lake Winnipeg;
  • Implementing stronger measures and additional resources for licensing drainage projects and improving drain maintenance across the province; and
  • Initiating work to restore and protect critical wetlands including Delta and Netley marshes.

The board’s recommendations to address the health of the lake were contained in its last report to the province, released in February 2007. While not all recommendations in the board’s report were directed at the Province of Manitoba, the progress report rated the province based in part on its progress towards influencing other jurisdictions and organizations to take action.

Melnick also recognized the work of the Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board and released its annual report for 2009.

The Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board’s report on progress and the Lake Manitoba Stewardship Board’s annual report can be found on Manitoba Water Stewardship website.


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