Ontario is providing over $380,000 in funding for 25 projects that will help restore and rehabilitate over 1,050 hectares of land, protect biodiversity, and mitigate urban runoff.

Through the Land Stewardship and Habitat Restoration Program, the province is supporting Reforest London to enhance ecosystem health and forest cover in the London area. Reforest London will focus restoration efforts on five large publicly owned woodlands through tree planting and invasive species removal, which will improve the health of the woodlands and the important habitat they provide for wildlife.

“Thanks to the most recent round of funding support from the Land Stewardship Habitat Restoration Program, Reforest London is going to host five community events where we expect to plant and care for 1,265 native trees and shrubs in the Upper Thames River Watershed, engage 225 community volunteers and restore 8,500 square meters of habitat in London, Ontario,” said Kaitlin Richardson, project manager, Reforest London.

This year, the Reforest London project conducted five plantings that benefited its local wateways. Three of those projects were possible due, in part, to support from the RBC Bluewater Project. For the last yen years, the Bluewater Project has conducted the Water Attitudes Survey, improving knowledge of the Canadian public’s perception of water issues.

Twenty-four new projects across the province are receiving support through the program this year in order to rehabilitate the over 1,050 hectares of land. The selected projects will help to restore streams and wetlands, control invasive species, and enhance habitats for fish and wildlife.

“This program is a great opportunity for the environmental sector and we strongly encourage organizations to apply to fund their restoration projects across Ontario,” Richardson said.


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