Pigeon Lake has joined Balsam, Cameron, and Sturgeon lakes in a program that seeks to enhance the environmental health and economic sustainability of lakes across the City of Kawartha Lakes. An official launch for the Pigeon Lake Management Plan was held this week at Kawartha Settler’s Village in Bobcaygeon.

“The health of the lake is reflected in our local economy and communities, and needs to be managed wisely,” said Pat Warren, director of Kawartha Conservation, in a press release. “We need to get started right away on research that will help us better understand issues such as blue-green algae outbreaks, excessive aquatic plant growth, invasive species, and the impacts of various types of activities along the shoreline.”

The Pigeon Lake Management Plan is being developed within the planning framework established for Balsam, Cameron, and Sturgeon. It involves stakeholders and partners from across the region.

“By coordinating our efforts, we are able to bring everyone to the same table and work toward common interests,” said Rob Messervey, CAO of Kawartha Conservation. “Together, we can identify science gaps, optimize everyone’s efforts in building our research, establish the priority issues we must address, and identify what needs to be done. It is the entire community, including our agency partners, who must agree to the actions that will help protect the lake.”


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