The International Water Association (IWA) has appointed new IWA Fellows and Distinguished Fellows. These individual water professionals are being recognized by their peers for their sustained outstanding contribution to the water profession and in delivering IWA’s mission of creating a water-wise world.

The IWA board of directors confirmed four new Distinguished IWA Fellows and 25 in total new IWA Fellows.

“Transformational change to the sustainable management of our water resources, catchments, and ecosystems requires our leadership of today and leaders of tomorrow to be well informed and bold,” said Darryl Day, managing director for ICE WaRM, who was nominated as an IWA Distinguished Fellow. “I am honoured to have an opportunity to support, guide, and encourage leaders to have confidence in their ability to conceive and implement such change.”

Professor of public health at University of Alberta, Nicholas Ashbolt, whose work focuses on “next-generation municipal water services (drinking water, wastewater, stormwater) framed around resource recovery (i.e. water, energy, fertilizers) for improved ecohealth and living conditions,” among other work, has also been named a 2018 Fellow.

Professor Ashbolt receives a certificate honouring him as an IWA Fellow. Image Credit: IWA.

In a world that faces serious water challenges, whether water scarcity, pollution, infrastructure, or access to safe drinking water and sanitation, each fellow and distinguished fellow is playing a key role in delivering both enormous societal benefits and global agendas, such as the SDGs.

The aim of the fellowship programme is not only to recognize the impact of particular individuals on the water profession and sector, but also to foster a transdisciplinary community empowered to combine leading-edge scientific breakthroughs, technological developments, and creative mindsets.

With the 2018 appointments, the IWA network of water professionals now counts 192 Fellows and 39 Distinguished Fellows striving to address the urgent water and environmental challenges the world is facing. View the full list of IWA Fellows and Distinguished IWA Fellows, and connect with them:

IWA Fellows are appointed for an initial period of 5 years. During that time Fellows represent the IWA through relevant activities, events and meetings, and support the IWA’s mission and leadership in the implementation of the organisation’s strategic plan.

Distinguished Fellows participate in and lead key activities for the Association, such as during the World Water Congress, at conferences, workshops, specialist groups and the development of position papers. The focus of these contributions is to advance the aims of the IWA and the professional standing of its members and corporate partners. Distinguished Fellows are appointed for an initial period of 10 years.

The 2018 IWA Fellows and Distinguished Fellows were announced at an official ceremony during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, in Tokyo, Japan. View all the pictures of the ceremony here.


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