Vancouver-based infinitii ai, which is consolidating FlowWorks and Carl Data Solutions under its new company name, has announced an ambitious software portfolio for Smart City Water infrastructure customers marketed under the umbrella of the infinitii dataworks platform.

“infinitii ai’s expanded product portfolio reflects deep engagement with our customers and business partners on Machine Learning innovation,” said Jean Charles Phaneuf, CEO of infinitii ai. “The infinitii dataworks platform offerings are the result of years-long team R&D efforts that successfully evolved into products. We are now very well positioned for a new growth era where customers are searching for leading-edge AI-driven predictive analytics that bring added value.”

infinitii ai is highlighting infinitii face pro this week at WEFTEC 2022. It is a new streaming analytics application for data transformation that allows users to add logic and algorithms for real-time processing. They can deploy Machine Learning to manage and operationalize production-ready models for generating new data or output events such as predictions. A key feature is the ability to build analytic models that act on sensor data or other data sources with infinitii face pro’s built-in script editor, using either newly created or existing scripts from open-source libraries.

“What we love about infinitii face pro is that our data engineers and scientists can write Python and R scripts using their preferred development environment and then copy and paste the code into face pro and have it running system wide quickly and efficiently,” said Luis Galindo, Senior Data Scientist at Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. “This is an industry-disrupting innovation that will provide better data-driven insights for making faster, more informed decisions, particularly with real-time and forecasting applications.”

In addition to infinitii face pro, the infinitii dataworks platform for Smart City water infrastructure now includes the following products:

  • infinitii flowworks – a powerful suite of time series data monitoring, analysis and reporting tools for Smart City water infrastructure customers. It efficiently manages monitoring systems, performs real-time analysis, checks flow monitoring status and sets alarms through a single interface.
  • infinitii flowworks+ – including all the features of infinitii flowworks, flowworks+ adds manual I&I pump station calculator, and rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) analysis, infinitii face and infinitii api connect.
  • infinitii flowworks pro – including all the features of infinitii flowworks+, infinitii flowworks pro adds infinitii face pro for advanced ML calculations and infinitii api pro for extended data integration points and unlimited data transactions.
  • infinitii face ­­– is the “flowworks advanced calculation engine” (face) that creates new data from incoming channels using math, statistics and logic equations for real-time analysis.
  • infinitii auto i&i – provides tools for detailed analysis of storm events, letting you see how the storm event proceeded over time, and how this relates to your RDII (rain derived infiltration and inflow) during a storm event.
  • infinitii auto qa/qc (in Beta) – performs Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) on any sensor data shifts or outliers that may distort results or falsely trigger alerts. Machine Learning models provide different courses of action based on data identified from sensor errors.
  • infinitii api connect – is the interface that flowworks+ uses to read, write or update all data and source information stored in flowworks. Data transaction rates apply.
  • infinitii api pro – allows developers to extract site, channel and data point information for their sites using a RESTful web service. It grants further integration points and unlimited data transactions.
  • infinitii cso predict – predicts sewer/stormwater and Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) events at discharge points in a sewer/stormwater system. Identifies when and where a collection system’s overflows will take place up to seven days in advance.
  • infinitii flood risk forecast (in Beta) – combines hydrology model with Machine Learning and precipitation data for predicting flood events at discharge points. Identifies when and where a flood event will take up to seven days in advance.


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