The International Joint Commission (IJC) announced that it has appointed Suzie Miron, a city councillor in Montreal, as a Canadian local member to the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River (ILOSLR) Board.

The IJC has also appointed Bill Reilich to the ILOSLR Board as the local member from the United States. Suzie Miron and Bill Reilich were appointed to the Board after the IJC announced it would expand the membership of its board by adding two local members, one from each country.

Commissioners agreed that appointment of these additional local members would be helpful to complement the existing membership of the ILOSLR board. In particular, the new members would assist in documenting the human and social impacts of recent flooding at the local and municipal levels in order to enrich the board’s discussions and decisions.

The International Joint Commission was established under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 to help the United States and Canada prevent and resolve disputes over the use of the waters the two countries share. Its responsibilities include approving projects that affect water levels across the international boundary, such as the Moses-Saunders Dam. It also investigates and reports on issues of concern when asked by the governments of the two countries.


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