The City of Guelph. Credit: David J. Sullivan.

The City of Guelph has said that its 2014 Water and Wastewater Long-range Financial Plan confirms that Guelph owns “reliable, financially resilient water and wastewater systems that benefit from long-range planning and forecasting of expenses and revenues.”

“In addition to satisfying Provincial requirements, the Water and Wastewater Long-range Financial Plan helps the City provide long-term financial stability, system sustainability, and community safety as it relates to our water supply,” said Janet Laird, executive director of planning, building, engineering, and environment. “By forecasting future system demands, we can ensure a well-run service and help protect our customers against rate spikes.”

The Province of Ontario requires Water Services to provide or update long-range financial plans every five years in order to renew its Municipal Drinking Water Licence as part of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which was introduced in 2002 following the Walkerton tragedy.

The Water and Wastewater Long-range Financial Plan informs future budgets and rate increases without affecting 2014’s approved budget or rate increase.


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