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The City of Guelph, Ontario has received $72,524 in loan and grant contributions from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund (GMF). The funds will be used for a feasibility study for using greywater for toilet flushing in residential settings.

The City will gather information on the costs, benefits, barriers, opportunities and requirements of residential greywater reuse systems. The research team will install greywater reuse systems in 30 homes that will capture greywater from showers and baths and use it for toilet flushing. The installations will include monitoring equipment to measure the amount of greywater produced and used within the home. To date, approximately half of the installations have already been completed.

Water quality will be monitored and researchers will survey homeowners to track their satisfaction with the new systems. The research team will also complete a full life-cycle cost analysis and gather information on overall system management and maintenance requirements. It will also examine potential energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

The field test is expected to lead to the implementation of a residential greywater reuse rebate program for Guelph residents. The goal of the program would be to install 200 residential greywater reuse systems by 2019. These installations would reduce each household’s water use by approximately 32,850 litres per year, while reducing household utility costs by approximately $73 per year. The test will also help to fill a research void on the subject of residential greywater reuse systems.

“Guelph is a leader in water conservation and efficiency, as residents use less water than the national average. Greywater reuse could enable us to significantly build on that success, and this field test will help us answer many questions about it,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge.

Click here for more information on Guelph’s Residential Greywater Reuse Pilot Program.


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