The City of Thompson, Manitoba announced on May 15 that it will receive up to $24.3 million in funding toward the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant. Thompson Mayor Dennis Fenske was joined by MP Shelly Glover and Infrastructure Minister Steve Ashton to make the announcement.

“The construction of a new wastewater treatment plant is a vital piece of infrastructure needed to address our aging infrastructure and meet the demands of our growing population,” Fenske said. “This new state of the art facility supports our commitment to the long term sustainability of our community and our commitment to protecting the environment that we share with our neighbouring communities.”

Today, 70 per cent of the city’s flows are treated by a primary treatment plant, and the remaining 30 per cent are handled by an aerated lagoon. The system was put together in the early 1960s, and doesn’t measure up to current guidelines.

Funding for the $36.5 million project will be divided evenly between the federal and provincial governments and the City of Thompson.


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