Officials announced today $290,000 in funding from the Great Lakes Sustainability Fund for five projects to clean up the St. Lawrence River (Cornwall) Area of Concern. Thirty-eight projects throughout the Great Lakes are receiving $2.2 million in funding this year.

Water quality and fish habitat in the tributaries of the St. Lawrence River and Lake St. Francis have been seriously degraded. Historical and ongoing land use practices have contributed to excessive amounts of nutrients and bacteria in the watershed, sedimentation, channelization and habitat loss. The watershed provides spawning and nursery habitats to northern pike, walleye, small and largemouth bass, muskellunge, yellow perch, pumpkinseeds and forage fish.

“The Tributary Restoration Program’s success is the result of the large number of partners and the significant support of Environment Canada and the local agricultural community. This program and beneficial management practices adopted by local landowners over the past 15 years, have contributed to progressive improvements in the waterways throughout the St. Lawrence River (Cornwall) Area of Concern. Ongoing local efforts will be a key component in maintaining the health of our watershed,” said Roger Houde, GM of the Raisin Region Conservation Authority.


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