The International Martin Organization (IMO) announced this week that Finland has ratified the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention, bringing key international measures for environmental protection into force.

The decision is expected to result in a flurry of installations of UV ballast water systems as the convention will now enter into force on Sept. 8, 2017.

The decision represents a huge leap forward in the global movement to stop the spread of potentially invasive aquatic species. However, shipowners are concerned that the U.S.Coast Guard has not approved the ballast water treaty–leaving room for a separate U.S. standard to emerge that would put ships that meet IMO requirements, out of compliance in U.S. waters. Shipowners have five years to retrofit seagoing vessels to meet the convention’s standards.

“This is a truly significant milestone for the health of our planet,” said IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim.

Lim added, “The entry into force of the Ballast Water Management Convention will not only minimize the risk of invasions by alien species via ballast water, it will also provide a global level playing field for international shipping, providing clear and robust standards for the management of ballast water on ships.”

Mark Kustermans, market manager at London, Ont.-based Trojan Marinex said, “This outcome was possible from the contribution of countless stakeholders around the globe who recognize the environmental and economic impact of this threat and continue to work toward global regulations that better serve the marine industry.”

Global Water Intelligence reported that ultraviolet (UV) systems and electrolysis-based solutions to dominate that market. Trojan’s UV ballast water treatment is well positioned to capture a share of this market. To read about London, Ont.-based Trojan Technologies’ UV Ballast Water system, click here.


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