The Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund, a federal organization supporting community action in improving water quality, has contributed more than $150,000 for a new environmental water quality project in Niverville, Manitoba. The Basin Stewardship Fund is part of Environment Canada’s Lake Winnipeg Basic Initiative. Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews, on behalf of Canada’s Environment Minister Peter Kent, made the funding announcement last week.

Lake Winnipeg. Photo: Shahnoor Habib Munmun

The Town of Niverville will be in charge of carrying out investigations into the possibility of remediating biosolids in the nearby wastewater lagoon through in situ treatment using phyto- and bio-remediation methods.

“We’re entering a new reality where people realize that the environment and the economics don’t need to be in conflict,” said Niverville Mayor Greg Fehr. “If you can find ways to protect the environment and save money, it’s just good business. I believe that this project will become a lasting legacy.”


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