On Friday, the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan announced funding to upgrade the Town of Eastend’s water treatment facility.

The work includes expanding the existing building over a new underground water storage reservoir, improving water treatment, developing and rehabilitating groundwater wells, and installing new raw water supply mains. This project will support the town’s economic growth and development, improve the quality of drinking water and help protect local waterways and ecosystems for years to come.

“Thanks to funding from the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan, the Town of Eastend can keep moving forward on this important infrastructure project for our community, which will improve the quality of our drinking water, along with the efficiency and service reliability of our water treatment facilities,” said Jesse Gordon, Mayor of the Town of Eastend.

The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan are each contributing more than $2.1 million to this project through the New Building Canada Fund’s Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component—National and Regional Projects, representing nearly two-thirds of the estimated $7 million total project cost.

The town will be responsible for all remaining costs. Part of the town’s financial contribution to funding the project will be raised from the rural municipality of White Valley. The RM will contribute $60,000.00 per annum for the term of the Water Treatment Plant and Well Development loan.

“The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to invest more than $2.1 million toward this important project that enhances core infrastructure for Eastend,” said Donna Harpauer, Minister of Government Relations.


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