Dr. Steve Wiseman, a Canada Research Chair in Aquatic and Mechanistic Toxicology with the University of Lethbridge, has joined the Canadian Rivers Institute Science Directors Board.

The CRI Science Directors Board was pleased to accept the nomination of Dr. Steve Wiseman to the CRI science leadership team. Named a Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in December, 2016, Wiseman’s research is focused on the molecular and biochemical mechanisms of both adaptive and maladaptive responses in aquatic organisms, particularly fishes, exposed acutely or chronically to natural and anthropogenic chemical stressors. Characterization of adverse effects of oil sands process-affected water generated in the oil sands mining industry in northern Alberta has been a major focus of his research.

“I am very excited to be joining this nationally- and internationaly-recognized network of scientists who have not only produced cutting-edge research to benefit the health of our global waters, but who are also developing the next generation of aquatic science professionals,” said Dr. Wiseman.  “I am looking forward to connecting with the network and building collaborations through my research program that investigates the risks of chemical stressors to aquatic organisms, especially fish.”

Dr. Wiseman’s addition brings new research experience to the growing CRI Science Directors Board, now composed of 23 scientists based at 15 institutions across Canada and internationally.

“The goal of my research program is to understand toxic effects that chemicals might have on freshwater fish and the mechanisms by which they cause these effects,” said Wiseman in a press release at the time of his selection as a Canada Research Chair. “Most of this research is conducted under controlled laboratory conditions. However, the goal is to use the knowledge and tools that are generated from this laboratory research to assess whether fish in the wild have been exposed to a toxic chemical and whether that chemical poses a threat to the animal and the greater aquatic environment.”

Originally from Newfoundland, Wiseman attended Mount Allison University for his undergraduate degree and then completed his graduate degrees at the University of Waterloo. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Saskatchewan and stayed on as a research associate before joining the University of Lethbridge.

For more information, visit the Canadian Rivers Institute.

Dr. Steve Wiseman


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