Birmingham, AB – The Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association welcomes the Canadian town of Amherst, Nova Scotia, to The Century Club, which honours the strength and resilience of cast iron water pipes.

“We’re so excited to welcome the Town of Amherst to the Century Club,” said DIPRA President David Cole. “Cast iron pipes have provided a strong and resilient foundation for drinking water systems in many municipalities in Canada and the United States for more than 100 years. Ductile iron is the descendant of cast iron, and the member companies of DIPRA proudly innovate to make their products stronger, more resilient, and more durable so that our communities can be assured of clean, safe drinking water for generations.”

Amherst has more than 12 miles of cast iron pipes that were installed in 1906 that remain in service today, delivering clean and safe drinking water. The town uses Ductile iron when aging cast iron pipes need to be replaced.

“Cast and ductile iron pipes are durable, extremely strong and can easily stay in service for 100 years or more,” said Aaron Bourgeois, Director of Operations for Amherst. “They are also able to withstand high water pressures without leaking or bursting.”

The Cast Iron Pipe Century Club was organized in 1947 to publicly recognize water utilities with Cast Iron mains that have provided service for 100 years or more. There are more than 550 water utilities in the United States and 34 water utilities in Canada that are members of DIPRA’s Century Club. Many of these utilities are all still using at least some of the cast iron pipes installed underground more than 100 years ago. DIPRA also sponsors a Sesquicentennial Club, of which 25 utilities in the U.S. and four in Canada are known to have enjoyed cast iron pipelines in service for more than 150 years.


Founded in 1915, the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) has served as a resource and technical advisor to the water industry. DIPRA also provides representation on standards-making committees as well as technical research on a variety of applications-based topics. While DIPRA member companies have different names and locations, they share a common commitment to produce and deliver the finest quality water and wastewater pipe material in the world, Ductile Iron Pipe, and at the greatest possible value to its purchasers.

Featured image: Sam Ghosn, Regional Director, DIPRA (center) presents The Century Club membership certificate to (left to right) Jason Mcburnie, Public Works Foreman, Town of Amherst, Aaron Bourgeois, Director of Operations, Town of Amherst, Martin Phinney, Sales Engineer, McWane Canada, and Paul Hawkes, Town of Amherst.


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