RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF CORMAN PARK, SK – The Des Nedhe Group (Des Nedhe), the 100 percent owned development arm of the English River First Nation, and EPCOR Utilities Inc. (EPCOR) announced a working partnership to develop a new water treatment facility and associated infrastructure to provide potable water to several proposed residential, commercial and industrial developments within Corman Park and the area surrounding Grasswood Junction, Des Nedhe’s reserve property just south of Saskatoon.

The partnership is expected to lead to skills training and employment opportunities for members of the English River First Nation, resulting in greater capacity and self-sufficiency. This aligns with the fundamental right of self-determination for First Nations and Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Des Nedhe and EPCOR also hope to partner in ongoing business arrangements to further socio-economic development opportunities for the Nation and build additional water and wastewater management capacity among its members.

“At Des Nedhe, we are always striving to build long-term sustainable partnerships. This partnership with EPCOR will continue to support English River First Nation and Des Nedhe’s growth in the water and wastewater infrastructure development at Grasswoods Junction,” said Sean Willy, President and CEO, Des Nedhe Group. “EPCOR has been an outstanding new partner and will be key to the unique partnership already established with the Rural Municipality of Corman Park. We look forward to working with all involved to support future development in south Corman Park.”

“EPCOR is committed to exploring opportunities that see First Nations communities become active partners in delivering water and wastewater management solutions for municipal and industrial purposes that generate economic benefits for their communities,” said Jay Baraniecki, Vice President of Commercial Development. “Our partnership with Des Nedhe seeks to develop First Nations’ capacity in utility operations and management, and help build a strong and prosperous future for the English River First Nation, and the surrounding communities that will be served by this new infrastructure.”

“The Rural Municipality of Corman Park welcomes the opportunity to partner with Des Nedhe and EPCOR on this innovative project that enhances development opportunities within our region,” said Reeve Judy Harwood. “We look forward to the socio-economic development benefits and the positive impacts this project will have on our future growth.”

 In the coming weeks and months, Des Nedhe, EPCOR and Corman Park will engage stakeholders and communities to better understand their needs and interests, and solidify corporate and project development structures needed to advance the project. Des Nedhe, EPCOR and Corman Park will be hosting an open house to help further these objectives and begin meeting developers and others who may be interested in advancing the project. As plans progress, community engagement updates, including details on the upcoming open house, will be available at


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