The District Municipality of Delta, British Columbia, announced on July 31 that it will move forward with its 12th Avenue Storm Water Management Improvement Project, thanks to $5.4 million in federal and provincial funding through the New Building Canada Fund. The project is a major investment in critical stormwater management infrastructure.

The project will include replacing Delta’s 50-year-old pump station at Boundary Bay to enhance drainage for urban and agricultural uses, improve water quality, and provide additional capacity for new development. A new pump station, new storm sewer along Boundary Bay Road, and a stormwater wetland treatment facility are all included in the project. The new treatment centre will filter out contaminants from stormwater and greatly improve the quality of water being discharged into the marine environment.

“One of the most challenging issues facing governments at this time is ageing infrastructure and the critical need to replace, repair and enhance our roads, sewers and wastewater systems,” said Delta Mayor Lois E. Jackson. “To achieve this much-need infrastructure renewal, we need all levels of government working together to fund important projects like this one. The investment at the provincial and federal level represents commitment to Delta and alleviates the tax burden on our taxpayers to fund the necessary upgrade of the pump station.”


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