The mayor and members of Mississauga, Ontario’s council supported in principle shifting the City’s stormwater management program from the property tax base to a stormwater user rate this week. Council will approve this on December 12.

“The stormwater financing study clearly indicates the challenge of dealing with stormwater is a major concern,” said Mayor Hazel McCallion. “Moving toward funding the program through user fees is an appropriate way to address the current pressures that the City is facing.”

The City’s stormwater management program includes roadway drainage systems, stormwater management ponds, and waterways such as rivers, creeks, and ditches. The recommended level of funding for the program will address all currently identified operations, maintenance and capital pressures and sets the framework to provide a sustainable level of funding for infrastructure renewal in the future.

Implementation details of the program will be addressed in the new year when staff will bring a report forward for Council’s consideration. The earliest that a stormwater user rate would be implemented is 2014.

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