The Cornwall Seaway News reported on February 10 that city councillors in Cornwall, Ontario have approved a water-sharing agreement with the neighbouring townships of North and South Glengarry. The partnership with Cornwall is expected to relieve the water access problems of both townships.

A new water sharing agreement between Cornwall and its neighbours in Glengarry will net the city $687,000 when the system begins running at full capacity. Credit: P199.

“They’ve been having lots of problems up there, and if we can help them, that’s great,” Councillor Andre Rivette said.

The agreement will provide Cornwall with an additional $687,000 in revenue, and all infrastructure construction for the new system will be paid for by the townships.

“The estimated water demand for the initial phase is 982,945 cubic metres per year, growing to 1,616,585 cubic metres over the next 20 to 50 years,” read a city hall report. “Therefore, at today’s rate, revenue would be about $417,000 in year one, and increasing to about $687,000 when the network is extended to all locations.”

According to the Seaway News, North Glengarry has been investigating options for a reliable and efficient supply of water for some time, but has not been able to identify a substantial source in the municipality.

The Glengarry regional water system proposal includes Alexandria, Maxville, Marintown, Apple Hill, Dominionville, Glendale, and Green Valley.


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