Mississauga-based KSB Pumps Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply twelve large wastewater pumps for the Woodward Avenue Main Pumping Station in Hamilton, Ontario.

“This contract required a combination of high pumping efficiency, good NPSH performance, and the ability to deal with solid materials in the un-screened wastewater and storm runoff,” said Marcus Henderson, KSB business development manager. Each unit includes one of KSB’s large Sewatec pumps, with 15 metre long Carden shaft, 700 HP motor, long radius suction elbow, and vibration monitoring system.

wastewater pump
KSB Sewatec K700.

The upgrades are aimed at improving the Woodward Avenue plant’s ability to deal with combined wastewater and stormwater flows during severe weather events. They are being undertaken as part of the city’s Clean Harbour Program. A major component of this initiative involves the construction of a new main pumping station and inlet channel. The KSB pumps will be a core component of the new pumping station, collectively capable of pumping over 23,600 litres per second.

“KSB’s Sewatec pumps are an excellent choice for this job, with an excellent track record of providing reliable service in sewage treatment plants around the world,” said Henderson.

The new main pumping station is scheduled to be in service by May 2021.

KSB Pumps Inc. is a member of the KSB Group, a global manufacturer of pumps, valves, and systems. In the 2016 fiscal year, KSB Group generated sales revenues of € 2.155 billion with a global workforce of 15,488 employees. KSB’s product portfolio consists of more than 3,000 different off-the-shelf pumps and valves along with thousands of engineered and customized solutions.


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