The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) announced it has taken steps to remove 13 litre per flush (lph) water closets from the CSA Standard for plumbing fixtures.Canada is the last known first-world country to ban the use of 13 lpf fixtures, CIPH said in a press release, noting that other countries have successfully reduced water consumption by almost seven litres to six lpf. It also stated that a new generation of high-efficiency models using only 4.8 lpf or less is growing in popularity.

By removing 13 lpf water closets from the CSA Standard, manufacturers will no longer be able to have their 13 lpf product approved for sale in Canada. It would effectively eliminate this generation of flush toilet from the market, while maintaining a level playing field with respect to competition for manufacturers from coast to coast.

CSA B45 is currently out for public review and the Standard’s Technical Committee is expected to hold a ballot to approve the removal of 13 lpf fixtures in June.

Anyone wishing to participate in the public review process, please visit CSA’s website.


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