Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital has invested in Vancouver’s Axine Water Technologies, developers of a low-cost solution for treating toxic organic pollutants in wastewater. The investment is joined by the Business Development Bank of Canada’s venture capital arm.

Axine’s electrolytic oxidation technology is designed to treat high concentrations of toxic organics, as well as biodegradable organics, ammonia, and pathogens in a single step without using chemicals and without producing sludge. By taking this approach to electrochemical oxidation, the company claims to achieve an improvement in performance, lower cost, and lower energy consumption compared to incumbent organic treatment equipment.

Axine is initially focused on developing applications in oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverage, and other heavy industries where its technology can be integrated into existing wastewater treatment plants to improve performance and reduce cost. The company’s longer-term vision is to incorporate the technology into the design of new wastewater plants to displace conventional biological, chemical oxidation, and other traditional wastewater equipment with a single process step.


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