Charlottetown’s Water and Sewer Utility Department has launched an innovative project aiming to improve water efficiency in the city’s hotels. The Hotel Audit project offers to identify easy, cost-effective way for hotels to reduce water waste by both guests and staff. The project will be executed in partnership with Holland College’s Energy Systems Engineering Technology program. Three hotels are currently involved.

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee.

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee spoke highly of the project. “This pilot supports the tourism industry while also reducing the amount of water used in our City during the busy summer months,” he said. “Involving Holland College in the process allows us access to the expertise of its Energy Systems Engineering Technology program managers and provides students with an excellent educational opportunity.” The project allows students to collaborate with water and sewer utility staff members in performing the audits.

Despite regular public outpouring over the amount of water consumed by cruise ships docking in Charlottetown’s harbour, the city’s hotels actually consume more water than the Harbour Authority uses in an entire year.

“It seems lately that the focus has moved from conservation to trying to assign blame to a particular industry for high water usage, but the reality is that it’s not one industry or sector that is to blame,” said Water and Sewer Utility chair Edward Rice. “Conserving water and find ways to keep water use down during the summer months is the collective responsibility of all businesses, sectors and industries as well as governments and residents.”

The audit includes testing of all water use in the participating facilities, and provides recommendations with pay-back periods based on anticipated savings on water and energy bills.


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