Vancouver –BQE Water Inc. has signed an Operating Services Agreement to provide operations services for a water treatment plant utilizing its award winning Selen-IX™ process technology for selenium removal at a base metal project in Southwestern USA. The plant will treat impacted waters to remove selenium and dissolved metals in compliance with permitted water quality requirements.

Under the agreement, BQE Water will provide plant commissioning and operations services for an initial period of three years upon completion of the plant performance test. Compensation for plant operations services will consist of a base monthly fee per volume of water treated that meets discharge specifications and a supplemental fee for additional water treated for discharge.

“As we move towards decarbonization, projects such as this will play an important role in producing the metals essential for a low carbon future,” stated David Kratochvil, President & CEO of BQE Water. “We are proud to be providing vital and comprehensive water management services for modern mining. From our Selen-IX™ process that satisfies key project criteria for low single digit parts per billion of selenium while being able to ramp up and down in response to treatment needs, to our operational expertise that guarantees plant performance as designed, we are excited to be contributing to the shift to clean energy.”

Operating 24/7 year-round, the plant has the capacity to treat up to 4,500 gallons of water per minute. The plant will first remove dissolved metals followed by selenium removal to below 2 parts per billion to produce clean water for discharge to the environment. Selen-IX™ as a non-biological technology offers superior water quality, operational flexibility and lower operating costs than competing biological selenium treatment systems.

Prior to this agreement, BQE Water conducted laboratory testing in 2019 to successfully demonstrate the capability of Selen-IX™. This resulted in a contract partnering with Black & Veatch in early 2020 to design the Selen-IX™ water treatment plant which is now in the construction phase with commissioning expected to commence in the first half of 2023,


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